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World Class Training
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ISOEL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuing education, development,
and training of servant oriented, socially responsible entrepreneurial business leaders.

International School of Entrepreneurial Leadership

What is ISOEL?

ISOEL uses well established and successful business people to teach from their rich experience on the campuses of major universities in India. 

Starting with nine faculty members, we graduated our first cohort of students in June of 2012 at MIT in Indore, India.  Today, we are teaching at three Indian Colleges in three locations: Bhopal, Indore and Lucknow.  We consider new locations on an inquiry basis only and limit our growth to maintain the highest quality outcome.  

ISOEL college students receive personal classroom training through our metric of six key courses on entreprenuerial leadership.  Students apply to join the ISOEL program from among the universities and colleges with whom we partner.  The average course cost per student is about INR3,000.  Two courses are taught in six full days time.  A limited number of partial scholarships are available to help subsidise fees.

Each course is lead by mature proven business professionals for maximum impact.  Some bios are available on our website.  We select and train our course facilitators from among the best and brightest in B2B and B2C business, industry, government and the non profit sectors.  

Indian universities, colleges, and institutes interested in ISOEL should make a formal inquiry via email along with an estimate of initial class size and possible start dates.  ISOEL requires a site visit to the campus and meetings with the chairman of the school before an MOU is drafted.  Sample MOU's are available upon request.  All schools must agree to the terms and conditions of the ISOEL MOU (memorandum of understanding).  The admin cost to host each course is INR1L per course; all six courses over a six month period is about INR6L inclusive of all fees and materials.

Student fees generaly cover most of the cost structure, however some scholarships may be available through ISOEL student direct scholarship programs.  For further inquiries please contact glenn.reph@isoel.org

We teach entrepreneurial leadership for the purpose of transformation. 

ISOEL:  Dream ~ Design ~ Deliver