ISOEL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuing education, development,
and training of servant oriented, socially responsible entrepreneurial business leaders.

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University students from India desire a real connection with successful business professionals who can teach entrepreneurship from real life experience.  This is a strategic opportunity to greatly influence the next generation of leadership.  This work has a lasting leadership impact on every aspect of society: economic, justice, political, ethical, social and spiritual.  There is an unprecedented request for help using live mentoring that can establish long term relationships to teach leadership and truth.

In 2012, during our first year, we successfully demonstrated our teaching model.  ISOEL has established a teaching pathway to a better world-view (paradigm shift) for young college students.  Through entrepreneurial training we are planting seeds that can grow into a solid future foundation.    

Currently, we are using a field tested curriculum and a well estabished Socratic teaching method to install a world view of strategic social responsibility.   Our curriculum and advanced teaching methods produce results that cause dynamic change in each individual student...


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Glenn Reph, CEO (206)465-7772